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The Niche Free-From Kitchen is a central production kitchen producing food for a number of our brands. They are based in Harlow and are distributing to the world for the retail, airline, travel, and private healthcare sectors. The kitchen whilst primarily set up for frozen food can also be used for chilled food production.

They use our state-of-the-art HACCP software for some time now. We also developed full traceability analysis bar-coding explicitly by their which wish.*

Watch the video to have a look to what they said about us. Link:

»The application meant that we could automate lots of our processes. Having those controls automated meant we could free up labour to do other things in the business. /… / We looked at a number of systems and none of them do all of the things that the MoreFromFood system does. /…/ It is a much better and modern way of working.«

– Marc Warde (Niche Free-from Kitchen)


*At this point, we would like to remind you that morefromfood is fully customisable. So, if you do need functionality that is currently missing, or do you have a new, innovative idea to add to your existing software? There is no problem, we can add it with our internal IT group in a very short time and even improve our digital system.

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