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Be sure that you achieve complete compliance with our experts. We will help with your Food Safety culture, Compliance audits, and other practice standards.

Our consultancy team provides a wide range of professional consultancy services. Our strategy is to improve Food Safety, Quality Assurance, helping you achieve legal compliance and best practice standards for your system.

What do we offer via consultancy services?

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We can help you develop a food safety policy for your business. A team of qualified consultants will work with you to create a plan from scratch. You will receive a personalized HACCP system plan that can be incorporated into our digital system.

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We can help you create or correct your Audit Plan, but we don’t do controls on locations. We can evaluate your external or internal audit checklists, as part of the transformation to the MoreFromFood system and integration with digital analytics systems.



By checking compliance and identifying potential improvements to your existing food safety practices, we can review and improve your food safety. By identifying possible improvements, we will help you achieve optimal procedures for your organization.

*Consultancy services are usually offered only for companies that are open to using the MoreFromFood system shortly.

Discover just how our services can help your business

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