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Digital checklists

Never miss a check again with smart digital checklists.

Convert Your Paper Forms & Checklists Into our web platform and mobile app

Easy-To-Use Digital Checklists For Every Business

Eliminate the use of paper forms and convert paper forms into digital checklists. MoreFromFood is no-code platform that can create customisable checklists as per your requirements and bring them onto the mobile app effortlessly.

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What paper form scan MoreFromFood convert to digital checklists?

We can build your new digital safety culture based on your current checklists or from the ground up!


We can customize any safety checklists to conduct regular site inspections, identify hazards, mitigate risks, and assess employee safety behaviour. Perform preventive and predictive maintenance activities using customizable checklists. Keep your assets up and running by recording maintenance history, current condition, location, usage, and more. Efficiently conduct inspections via a mobile app with a digital checklist. Better data collection and inspection with highly customizable and easy-to-use forms. Without a need to change your workflow.


Speed ​​up your daily work

Use digital checklists to improve convenience and accuracy in routine field operations such as inspections, maintenance and safety audits.

Work Faster With QR-Codes

Avoid confusion in a variety of activities with our smart QR code enabled app. Simply scan a QR code and the app will automatically open the correct checklist associated with that QR code.

Use Remote Task Management

Remote task management provides a streamlined process for critical activities such as to ensure tasks are completed as expected and to provide updates on daily line checks. This reduces brand risk and provides an efficient means of improving quality control.

Eliminate the hassle of paper-based processes

Eliminate the hassle of paper-based processes with ease. Digitize your daily field tasks with our highly customizable and easy-to-use checklist-based mobile app. Speeding up work in the field with QR codes.

Gather information from your team more efficiently

Collect real-time information from your field workers with automated reports. Get these reports in PDF or Excel format in minutes. Let everyone know what's going on. Record complaints, deviations and errors directly in the checklist and initiate complaint processing.

Improve response time with process automation

Implement custom workflows that help improve response times by automating scheduled tasks, taking corrective actions, sending comprehensive reports, and providing approvals to customers and other stakeholders.

0% paper – 100% digital.

Stay up to date with what’s happening!

Synchronize data with internal software

Find clear reports in integrated dashboards or export data to third-party systems. From audits, trend analysis, nonconformances to KPIs, dashboards help you identify problems before they occur and continuously improve your work.

Eliminate data silos by syncing energy-related data with existing software and systems, such as SAP and Excel spreadsheets, to centralize everything. 

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Discover just how our services can help your business

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