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Automated Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Popular model

The automatic measurement of temperatures is a very popular feature because you don’t have to worry about forgetting to enter temperatures manually or about your food spoiling. The system takes over all control, and it warns you only when necessary.

Why is it so popular?

Wireless probes can automate mandatory temperature checks in refrigerators, freezers, chambers, or warehouses.

The probes also measure humidity in addition to temperature. In other words, it does two things at once! As a result, the probes are an innovative product for which we received the award for the best entrepreneurial idea!

Who and how is the installation carried out?

Stationary sensors installed in cold stores, refrigerators, heaters, etc. communicate and send temperature measurement data to a cloud server via Wi-Fi connection. Installing an automated temperature monitoring system is quick and easy. It can be done by us or by the user.

More about what MoreFromFood enables


With our system, cooling devices that already record temperatures do not require replacement or installation of our probes. Data from existing systems that already record data via logs can be synced with our system, so you can manage alarms, analyses, reports, and non-conformities together.

PLUS: Measure your core temperature with a Bluetooth core thermometer.

It is also possible to measure the core of foods with a Bluetooth core thermometer. The data is thus recorded automatically, without the possibility of transcription errors and faster work.

In addition to automatically measuring temperatures in refrigerators, you can also simplify monitoring the core temperature of foods. The Bluetooth core thermometer connects to the app and transcribes the measured values without additional typing.


Define and standardize your processes and focus on other tasks.

Get real-time data control, track what's happening, and fix non-conformities in your commercial kitchen.

Record accurate temperature measurements and comply with HACCP.

Build a productive and consistent food quality and safety culture.

Abolish the manual temperature check, and choose a digital solution.

MoreFromFood is an affordable system for temperature control in buildings, closed spaces, refrigeration plants, and transport units. Reduces labor costs by eliminating manual temperature reading.

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