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The traceability of food was never easier.


Among its functions, the software includes food production traceability management, designed to meet the requirements of European food safety legislation.

The system enables the acquisition of incoming batches of raw materials by entering or reading barcodes, linking them to all products resulting from them during production processes, creating batches and codes for finished products and creating distribution lists.

It is possible to register a new supplier/customer, an incoming batch, perform and save reviews of each incoming batch, create your own food by combining foods from the incoming batches, create outgoing batches, and record each individual sale with a corresponding invoice with the system. For each food/meal, it is thus possible to obtain the entire history and information about to whom, when and in what quantities it was sold.

Data acquisition accurs in real time, and the solution allows you to check all collected data from remote locations.

The traceability of produced food and the easy acceptance of delivery is easier.

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