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The leading provider of local, healthy fast food in the region decided to try out our digital system more than a year ago. They are breaking stereotypes concerning unhealthy fast food, with care for the supply of ingredients, which the source is verified, contain no hormones and antibiotics or flavored enhancers and preservatives. If you live in Slovenia you surely ate healthy and tasty Lars & Sven Burgers at least once, at their locations or from their truck attending 159 different events each year. 

Together with baking the best burgers, they also tend to have food-safe across entire restaurant chains and here in the success story, we appear. 

We interviewed Tevž Korent, CEO of Lars & Sven Burgers. Here is what he responded to some of the questions, but you can watch the full interview on the link:

Why did you decide to implement More From Food?
“We decided for this app because we had a lot of problems with bureaucracy and paperwork, and with this kind of app, we make it easier, better, faster, which is the most important thing in our industry.”

Why do you like More From Food digital system?
“The app is so easy to use, we don’t need to think about anything. When new people arrive to work, they just at the tablet, and they have all results and everything they have to do in one place. Even inspections, or whoever that wants to see it we can take it out and print the version they need.”

To whom would you recommend us?
“I would recommend it to everybody who wants safety, but on the other hand, doesn’t want to worry about safety. With not a lot of work, you can get a lot of benefits. The idea is that if I would have only one restaurant, even though we have many of them, I would recommend it to any because price performance is perfect.”


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