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Manage all your audits in one place online

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Improve your audit by using the digital solution that replaces your paper or Excel archive with a cross-platform and mobile-friendly application that is accessible from everywhere. This means that planning, tracking, and managing your auditing program is more effective and enables optimal allocation of auditing resources, resulting in significant time savings.

Our digital system is suitable for both food and non-food companies. It can be used to perform your internal or external audits and is based on most standards. Its design was based on the requirements of auditors who were already using other similar digital solutions, so we used their feedback to correct any flaws. Furthermore, our IT department is constantly improving and addressing the auditor’s need to meet internal standards and qualification audits and to manage a supplier qualification audit program.




Use your prebuild checklists or build your own, and when a customer requests the use of different and specific checklists, they may be used regardless of those already entered in the system.



Certain fields in checklists and other sheets can be automatically filled with data that has already been entered, thereby avoiding mismanagement and saving time.


Be notified of failed audit results, act in real-time, and follow your team´s progress on a clear dashboard.



Pictures, videos, and all other documents can be uploaded on a checklist at a location so that no return to the office and double work is needed for accessing and compiling them.

You can plan your work, leave in incomplete, save, skip, and finish later. When certain requirements or standards are not met, incidents or non-conformities are opened manually or automatically and corrective measures are taken to eliminate them.

Send all auditor's duties and assignments to your auditing team and track their progress.

Easily accessible checklists with ease in finding important information. Any human errors in data entry are avoided. Archive retrieval becomes faster and information is exported easily.

Sharing of data with various users or stakeholders through a single click: transparency, solidity, and speed in the transmission of documents.

As we provide both the AUDIT module and all other food safety processes modules, access and insight into all related processes is managed from a single platform that is easy to understand.

The scoring function is a popular tool that allows users to see the performance of assessments and other inspections for a certain period of time.

All questions can be freely evaluated according to their importance.

Based on the answer, the system then automatically calculates the points of the assessment and gives the number of points achieved.

How to start your food safety management system with us in 3 easy steps?


Step 1: Send us your inquiry

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Step 2: Configuration of your HACCP

Send us your HACCP documentation and we will configure your existing HACCP plan, probes, and account.

Step 3: Start using safety app

Begin using the food safety app and feel confident that everything is completed in accordance with the law and on time. Work whenever and wherever with MoreFromFood.

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