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Audits and Inspections

Audits are an invaluable part of the compliance process.

Is it lack of time, lack of resources or you don’t have an in-house health and safety expert, it can be tough finding space for all your health and safety tasks on your to-do list.

So, how can you get the confidence that everything is up to standard and working as it should be?

That’s where our specialist audits come in.

We offer external audits and inspections, whether that the business is based in the food industry and is also suitable for the non-food industry.

To work with internal and external experts who master the areas of BRC Food Standard, ifs, and all other standards. We are experts in arranging your audit plan and the level of relevance.

Our specialist team is an expert in performing Food Hygiene and Health & Safety audits in your business. You’ll get a full report with easy-to-action suggestions on how to fix any issues.

Also, you audit service is great with us since we use our digital system that supports most food safety standards and is adaptable to all major technical requirements.

What you get with within the MoreFromFood digital system regarding audit service?

Includes the tracking and management of audits which replaces your paper or Excel archive with a platform and a user-friendly mobile application. The system will automatically calculate the assessment points – the number of points achieved according to the arbitrarily set settings of the compliance and non-compliance levels. You can also export all the data.

Food hygiene is essential that helps, support and keep your business open.  Our module is good for assessors and inspectors (internal or external providers).  The assessment module is the most popular and enables the implementation of all the forms.  That means they have the skill to quickly spot areas of non-compliance and recommend the right course of action to keep your business safe.

Be aware of your health safety

All business has specific health and safety obligations. In specific businesses, we find health and safety risks that could pose a hazard to your staff and your customers.

With the help of online checklists.

Discover just how our services can help your business

Do you want to find out what we have to offer and how our services can help transform your business? Just click the button to contact us and our team will be with you asap.

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