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MoreFromFood is a digital management food safety solution in the cloud. It is made on your applied HACCP plan associated with the food handling and production activities of the business. It comprises of 2 parts:

  • A webbased platform for administrators and leaders with control, managing and report panel.
  • A mobile app for monitoring every day activities by your employees on the location.

On smartphone or tablet with iOS and Android systems, on web platform via any browser on your computer.

We recommend Android smart tablets. The application doesn't need an internet connection to work. If your connection is not stable, the app can also work offline and as soon as it connects, your data will be synchronized automatically.

Yes. The system is built based on the modules and needs of your organization. MoreFromFood system enables many more modules. That are not directly associated with HACCP.

If you are not sure, what all processes can be performed, book a free consultation and we will help you. Before that, you can check some modules listed in the next question.

  • Prerequisites (Pest control, water supply, waste disposal, air conditioning)
  • People (Staff hygiene, Employee database)
  • Training (Courses, Lessons)
  • Ordering (Supplier and customer portal for preorders and orders)
  • Cleaning and sanitizing
  • Maintenance
  • Covid19
  • Lesson executes
  • Audit
  • Outcomes
  • Reports
  • Alerts
  • Noncompliance
  • Risk Analysis
  • Traceability

You can purchase a system with many modules or only one module, for example only the Temperature monitoring module. In this case, we implement only Temperature monitoring complete solution with our sensors, and we do for you a personalized offer.

It's very easy. We can do it for your organization. In case the system is implemented in bigger companies, we tend to educate your in-house people to set up everything.

We remain available at any time for support.

Sensors can be implemented by our team on the location. We collaborate with partners in many countries. If we don't have support in your area, we will help you with the setup remotely.

As regards security, MoreFromFood software uses industry-standard methods to keep all your account and company data secure.

Other systems and databases such as ERP, SAP, CRM, etc. can be connected/integrated. Our in-house IT developers do it for you.

No worries, our developers can develop it. Our solution is complete and in use for the past 3 years. If we find that there is a big need for a need module we develop it. But if you want bigger development of functionality that we don't have in plan and is valuable only for your use, there will require additional payment and we know you understand it.

If your HACCP plan and documents that you provide us comply with food legislation and requirements from your local council/territory/country, then yes.

Before we start implementation, we can do your HACCP check control with our indoor inspectors, before implementing our system. This requires a surcharge.

We find out that HACCP management is even more suitable for small organizations, and it is much easier to switch to digital.

Furthermore, switching brings is not only replacing pen and paper. It brings many benefits for small kitchens, such as:

  • As an owner or manager get real-time visibility across your business.
  • Save time and money by spending less time managing your food safety.
  • Automate routines that your staff doesn't need to do anymore.
  • Remind your staff to do their required work and have accurate and up to date food safety records.
  • Direct impact on productivity and efficiency
  • Be ready for inspection at any time with zero chance of a bad food grade.
  • Get full traceability of what is happening inside your food safety system even when you are away.

And many more. Try it and see for yourself.

We want to have MoreFromFood accessible to all food businesses big or small. Because of that our pricing offers are made individually based on the complexity of your organization and needs. Our pricing plans are transparent. In the beginning, there is only a one-time set-up fee and then on there is a monthly subscription. No hidden costs or contracts.

If you are a large operator with multiple sites, we can also offer special pricing on request.

For an offer, please write an inquiry with your company details here

The subscription is charged on location, not to the individual employee.

For example, one subscription is paid for one location of the restaurant chain or one subscription for one unit in the mass production factories.

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