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There are several reasons why is important to digitalize data as soon as possible:

  • Accuracy: Data entered a digital system can be less prone to errors. A digital system that eliminates paperwork can automate things like fridge monitoring and scheduling of hygiene training and expectations.
  • Speed: Digital data can be processed much faster than paper-based data, allowing organizations to make faster decisions and take more efficient actions.
  • Accessibility: Digital data can be easily accessed and shared by multiple people in different locations. It is possible to manage all administrative tasks remotely. With a cloud-based digital food safety system, administrators can check in remotely and maintain complete visibility over compliance and other operations via a single web-based dashboard.
  • Searchability: Digital data can be searched and sorted quickly and easily, making it easier to find specific information when it is needed
  • Storage: Digital data takes up less physical space than paper-based data and can be stored for a longer period without degradation. Printed records not only take up space and are prone to going missing – they are also harder to keep up to date. Digital records can be kept in the cloud with multiple redundancies in place so there is practically zero chance of them getting lost or damaged.
Because of all the reasons listed in food industry we need to digitize all food safety checklists with HACCP software.

MoreFromFood is a smart HACCP solution based on IoT. It is a SaaS and multi-user platform for the food sector powered by Dotcom d.o.o. 

MoreFromFood provides food safety management software for industry leading food businesses everywhere in the world.

Our award-winning, intuitive, and robust software covers all aspects of food safety management and brings them all together. The software contains carefully developed modules for HACCP planning, prerequisite programs, management, risk assessment modeling, monitoring, document control, supply chain management, and utilities – and the product is constantly evolving to meet the needs of food safety professionals.

The software provides full compliance against the requirements of GFSI, FSMA, BRC, ISO 22000 and retailer technical standards, just to name a few of the multiple food safety standards that we work with daily.

Overall, digitizing data provides many benefits that can lead to improved efficiency, accuracy, and decision-making. Get in front of food safety and manage risks with online smart MoreFromFood HACCP Software and try it NOW!

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